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how many gallons are in a 32 pack of water bottlesI made a bitch that he thought that four of these little water bottles would make up a gallon and I told him that he was wrong it took more than that and my guess was five I guess. He claims he says four and a half but he really said four so I say five he says four so we’re gonna see how many it takes for a gallon that sees numero uno six so not for and not five this is bottle number six cuz when you get those all the way up to the top six of those how many bottles of water are in a gallon.

All right you guys are probably wondering why I’m standing outside on my deck with a gallon of water with a bunch of numbers and letters on it well this is the one gallon challenge for a waterbomb. Wednesday yes buddy my little guy is out here playing with this this is the challenge. I’m going to be doing for the next the next 30 days my goal is to lose a little picture. It’s not very big but I want to lose it before our vacation trip here in three weeks so I am going to be doing the one gallon challenge of drinking water with my workouts and my Shakeology starting today. By the time I’m already behind it is noon so I need to catch up on this sometime during the day, I got a late start today we were up late last night, so we all slept in this morning.

how many gallons of water are in a 24 pack of water bottles

My little guys off to school so what you need to do to do this challenge is obviously a gallon this was from our local store for milk. What I did was I just I had to wait until my little guys drank the rest of it and had cereal and everything this morning. So I washed it out really good with hot water and so then I rented it out with extremely hot water again I dried it off filled it up with ice cold water, then what you want to do is write something on the top for your motivation.

Basically I just said drink me drink me because that’s what you need to do some people put like 10 or 12 and then like at 12 between whatever they’ll put like chug it. Don’t chug it you can get water intoxication if you drink it too fast so you drink too much water so you want to do it in moderation so what I’m doing is starting at 10 in every hour. I need to go down about a half an inch all the way until 10 p.m. now, I love this the gap like right here because I do my workouts between between 8:00 and 9:00 usually after the kids are in bed.

I know I will be drinking a lot of water then so I’m not worried about it so that is basically all you need to do and just make sure that every you know whatever marky-mark you drink that much water and you. You want to drink this in one day so every day you want to fill it up do it again so at night before you go to bed. Fill it up with your filtered water or whatever water you you know you want to drink filtered or just straight out of the faucet it’s up to you.how many gallons of water are there in the pacific ocean

I recommend filtered so every night before you go to bed fill it up and stick it in your fridge so it’s ice-cold for the next morning as soon as you get up start drinking so this this is my group on Facebook that you can find me and one of my friends at we are Beachbody Coaches.

No we are not gonna try and sell you want anything we just want to help so you can find us there on Facebook fit for real and then this is my own personal page it’s get fit Chris or get fit with Kristina that’s my Facebook page and then also both my friend and I there are the admins for fit for real . We all are a part of our team destination right that is a Beachbody team if you’re curious about Beachbody then go ahead and leave a comment below and I will message you back leave me all your contact information just an email address will be fine no personal info on there and I will get to guys within the first 24-48 hours.

So yeah so don’t forget stay hydrated drink your water and as you can see it’s summertime it’s about 72. I think degrees out right now we live at a lake you can kind of see it through the trees over there and yeah so drink your water and stay tuned for more articles bye guys oh then I’m going to show you how to measure out four liters of liquid when you’ve only got a five liter container and a three liter container and unlimited supply of liquid now if you want to think about the answer press on the pause button in the top bottom left hand corner otherwise I’m going to go straight into the answer .

What we’ll do there we’ll fill up the three liter container first and obviously that is these are just scale models that doesn’t actually hold three liters but just for the article I’ve just done it as a scale model and you can apply the same principle if you want to work out the you know measure for gallons and you’ve got a five gallon in a three gallon container or four ounces and you’ve got a five ounce and a through or and a three ounce container.

So there we go we’ve got three liters of liquid in the three liter container so we’ll pour that into the five and so five and then we’ve got two liters remaining of space in that five liter container and so we’re going to fill up the three liter container again. Fill that up to the brim and we’ll pour that into the five liter container and obviously it’ll only take two out of that three liters. We’ll go into the five and we’ll left be left with one liter then in the three liter container and now we’re just going to empty out that five liter container.

Yep put that to one side and then we’ll pour the 1 liter that’s left in the 3 liter into the fight fill up the 3 liter container again you’re going to fill that up to the brim and pull that into the 5 liter container we’ve got one liter in there and we pour in three that means we’re left with four letters in the 5 liter container so there we go we’ve measured out four letters using four litres of liquid using a five liter container and a three liter container.