Silverfish Eggs

Silverfish Eggs

Bioengineered Eggs vs. Organic Eggs

Yes, it is true that Cholesterol is incorporated in the Silverfish Eggs yolk. And also it may be the correct that Cholesterol is naturally occurring in your brain. In fact, we'd like Cholesterol for normal brain functioning...

Plus, your liver makes 95% of one's Cholesterol supplying all of your body needs. Not only that, Cholesterol content in eggs is as natural as protein and vitamins.

Imagine you've got ALL nutrients necessary to initiate a new life in a small egg... Human eggs or animal eggs... all eggs are priceless nutrition source.


Brain washing against eggs is indeed intense, that individuals keep forgetting how perfect ORGANIC eggs are... Well guess what... much more perfect include the fertile eggs.

You'll get all you need as well as the list is long... Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Protein to call only a few... all in perfect balance.

Eggs include the winners, nevertheless the negative publicity through the years did lot harm to the 'eggs image' as well as the result is devastating. More and more people are buying cereals... they ventured into the competition.

The competition?

Cereals! Man-made ingredients are competing against God made eggs. The only way to win, it can be to keep their work now by discrediting Silverfish Eggs.

Media are Selling Fear! It seems that you've got no solution apart from to purchase Cereals.

Besides, based on my research, there isn't any reputable study done which could blame eggs for Cholesterol develop. All negative information's are fabricated to discredit not just ORGANIC eggs, nevertheless the whole egg industry.

But still, I have good news to express from Dr. Clare M. Hasler, Ph.D, in the University of Illinois: "it can be now known that there's minimum connection between dietary cholesterol and blood blood choleseterol levels..."

And "eggs are a fantastic dietary way to obtain many essential (e.g., protein, choline) and non-essential (e.g., lutein/zeaxanthin) components, which may promote ultimate health."

And from Dr. Zeisel - Information for new mothers: "the mother's dietary choline after a critical period in brain growth and development of her infant influences the speed of birth and death of nerve cells with this center."

So, who told you lately that eggs are bad in your case?

The egg source in your daily diet makes a difference because bioengineered... man-made corn is fed to typical chickens. It looks that poultry is sicker than individual that eats them. Yes?

Poultry along with other animals are growing faster and fatter because of hormones... And sick animals are kept alive because of drugs and antibiotics. Hey, if those eggs are saved to your table, you need to be concerned.

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